4 Tips For Clean Eating

Published on 02/11/2020

Are you feeling confused and unsettled with all the fads, diets, and hype on different eating trends? Well, regardless of which direction you choose clean eating is the fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. With all the controversy over organics, GMOs, veganism, different oil types- we have compiled a quick guide to help you stay as clean as possible and it’s as easy as can be.


4 Tips For Clean Eating

Cutting Out Unnecessary Sugar

Too much sugar has been proven to raise your risk of multiple diseases, increase body fat and spike your energy levels which then plummet and leave you feeling lousy. CUT IT! Natural, clean sources of sugar are a way better choice and can be just as tasty, we’re talking about fruits, natural honey and even natural peanut butter can be a sweet craving. Lucky enough for you we are in an age of innovation and most of your sweet treats can be found in a healthier, cleaner version- such as ice-creams, frozen yogurt and if you are really trying to be good you can swap it out for some yogurt and berries.

Lose The Refined Carbs

Carbs are absolutely delicious, we know but they lack nutrients and vitamins. Carbs are vital for energy levels and living a balanced diet but swapping these refined carbs for ones high in fiber is a better option. You can even add fiber to certain carbs such as oats as the fiber is often removed out of the oats. Sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots are a great source of carbs and vitamins.

Pro-tip: rinse your rice off before cooking this will allow the excess arsenic to be rid and creates a much healthier dish.

Eating Out But Eating Clean

This is a truly tough one. We have been here, we relate and we know the struggle. How to do it? It’s more about discipline than anything. Limit the heavier options with tons of carbs and little protein, go for balanced dishes that have a bit of everything. If you are really trying to be good ask them to hold back on the oil and, cream and fried foods are big no-no.

Pro-tip: If something contains mayonnaise ask for it without it as this instantly turns a dish dirty- the same applies to dressings, they often have a ton of sugar and can be swapped out for lemon and a bit of olive oil.

Meal Prep All The Way

Channeling your inner chef every night can be a challenge, not only for creativity but often after a long day you’re tired and more likely to reach for the quicker, unhealthier options. Meal prep is a fantastic way to stay on top of your eating game and have a whole week planned out. Simply prepare your food on one day of the week for a week and you’re set, this also halts your chances of cheating more. A great way to stay organized too.