The Best Sports Players Of All Time

Published on 01/26/2020
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The Best Sports Players Of All Time

Successful athletes are born with a talent that cannot be learned but is innate. The acronym GOAT, Greatest Athlete Of All Time, is thrown around too commonly, and this is why we created this list to settle all debates. Look through our compilation because we are very confident that these players deserve this recognition.

Michael Jordan

With six NBA Finals appearances, six titles and six MVPS, Michael Jordan is without a doubt the greatest player of all time. While other players may be successful in other areas, Jordan’s record alone is enough to surpass any player. It’s hard enough getting to the finals but the fact that he won each time and made it to the finals is unheard of!

Joe Montana

When it comes to football we know that the quarterback is the most central player. Out of all the most legendary players, Montana with his two-time league MVP and perfect 4-0 Superbowl score, definitely dominated the game during the height of his career.

Serena Williams

Ever since she went pro in 1995, Serena Williams took over the tennis court and is known as one of the most dominant athletes amongst both genders and all sports. Despite having four Olympic gold medals, 23 Grand Slam titles, and an 80 percent success rate or being number 1 for 186 consecutive weeks, these are not the reasons that make Serena the success that she is. In reality, it’s her raw talent that has transformed the world of tennis for the better.

Muhammad Ali

This fighter with hands that work at lightning speed and skill of a lightweight boxer, power of a heavyweight champion, and mouth of a professional wrestler, surprised the world when he became the youngest athlete to win the heavyweight crown. Unfortunately, he was prohibited from boxing after he refused to draft in the Vietnam War. Six years after his ban was removed, he regained his title as heavyweight champion when he defeated George Foreman. Today all boxers are held to the standards of Muhammad Ali.