Healthy Snacks When You’re On The Go

Published on 12/24/2019

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to make sure you are eating healthy foods and getting enough nutrients when you’re always on the go. Packaged snacks tend to have very high sugar and sodium counts and often leave you just as hungry as you were before. Finding a good variety of snacks that will get you some good nutrients and will keep you happy and healthy can be hard, but we’re here to make it just a little bit easier for you. Read below to see what snacks are quick and easy to prepare at home.

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Healthy Snacks When You’re On The Go

Unsalted Mixed Nuts And Dried Fruit

If you are picky about which type of nuts you want to eat, stick to whatever kind you want, but a handful or two of unsalted mixed nuts is a great way to get nutrients and it’s delicious. Mix the nuts in a container with your favorite dried fruits, like mangoes or cherries, and you have yourself a healthy and super simple snack to take with you on the go and eat it whenever you can. Sometimes dried fruits can contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives, so make sure to be careful of which ones you’re buying. You want to make sure you are getting the most authentic dried fruit to ensure that they are the healthiest option.

Fresh Fruit And Yogurt

Fresh, in-season fruit can be one of the most delicious snacks you can eat. We say in-season fruit for a few reasons, but one of the reasons is because since fruits are in-season at different times throughout the year, you won’t find yourself eating the same thing every single day. Whether it’s an orange, a banana, or an avocado, mixing it up will ensure that you’re always excited about the food you’re eating and you won’t get sick of anything. Adding in a cup of yogurt to your snack can really fill you up and give you the calcium and vitamins you need.

Dressed Up Celery

You may remember these from when you were a kid, or maybe you make these for your kids now. They have a ton of different names, the most popular seeming to be ‘ants on a log’. This is celery filled with peanut butter and topped with nuts or raisins. It truly is a very healthy and nutritious snack, and it’s fun to eat! If you are allergic or are just not a fan of peanut butter, you can also top the celery with low-fat cream cheese. The child inside of you will be so excited, and so will the adult in you!