MCT Oil, Collagen and Omega-3 Must-Knows

Published on 02/04/2020

With tons of new fads and products on the market its confusing to know exactly what each one is for, its benefits and if it is actually beneficial for you. MCT oil, collagen, and omega-3 are extremely popular at the moment with celebrities advertising, endorsing and highly recommending them. These products are sweeping the world by storm as they are supposed to assist in a variety of bodily functions, improvement and often work hand in hand with energy sources. We aimed at complin the real benefits behind these products to tell you if they are a must-have or a money-waster.

Avocado Oil

MCT Oil, Collagen and Omega-3 Must-Knows


MCT is the abbreviation for Medium Chain Triglyceride. Medium who? We know it sounds complicated but all you need to know is that the oil is made from a purified form of coconut fat. It is a pure form of saturates that endorses ketones. Meaning that these fats are often excluded from our western diets. The oil is a great pick-me-up as it aids in energy levels, the stability of energy levels as well as contains properties that assist the overall flora of your gut and antimicrobial properties. The oil can be added into smoothies, dressings or a teaspoon placed in your morning tea or coffee. It is best taken in the morning as it will assist your system throughout the day with maintaining energy. The oil has also been proven to aid weight-loss and endurance in workouts.


Collagen formulates your skin, hair, bone strength and nails. It constitutes as the largest protein form in your body. Many assume that it is unnecessary and a craze at the moment however if you choose to use the supplement it has great functions. The collagen in these supplements is hydrolyzed meaning that it is broken down and easy for your body to absorb. We must warn that the taste is rather odd and it is preferred to be added into smoothies or tasty drinks of some sort. Collagen has been proved to improve skin health, ease joint pain, boost muscle mass, prevent against bone deterioration, aids heart health, promote gut health and also increases brain function.


Lets fish out the deets. Omega-3 has been around for decades whether it be in the gross syrup form or now with new capsules and tablets available. Women are specifically urged to take omega-3 when pregnant as it aids in brain health during pregnancy and in the baby’s life. Stemming from salmon, krill and other sources the vitamin has also been proved to improve eye health, fight anxiety and depression, reduce symptoms of ADHD in children as well as reduce risk factors for heart disease. We highly recommend this vitamin, Mary Poppins for sure knew what she was talking about.