What To Do When You Have A Sinus Infection

Published on 02/04/2020
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What To Do When You Have A Sinus Infection

Winter seasons means that the likelihood of getting sick is increased. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who end up with multiple sinus infections every winter season, then you know how painful and irritating this can be. Days in bed with no appetite, sinus headaches, running nose, and in the worst situations a high fever! We are too experienced with this, but fortunately for you, we can help you with what to do when this happens. Just read to find out how to get rid of an infection and tips to prevent one from coming!

Water Is Never A Bad Idea

Water is basically the solution to every and all problems. But especially when you have a sinus infection, water can help flush the virus out of your system so make sure you are hydrating! It is recommended to have nearly 8 ounces of water per 2 hours.

Immune System Boosting Foods

Foods like garlic, ginger, and onions should be added to your meals which can help fight the bacteria from forming. You can make it a bit more tasty by drinking ginger tea with added honey that will provide you with antioxidants. Not only does it contribute some sweetness and flavor but it is also rich in antibacterial and antifungal characteristics.


When you have a sinus infection it means that you have a build-up of pressure around your sinuses. This means it is extremely important to keep those sinuses hydrated! Some ways to do this are to sleep with a humidifier at night to avoid nasal blockage and during the day/before bedtime use nature nasal sprays from the nearby pharmacy to help loosen the congestion. You can also take hot showers, as the steam is excellent for your sinuses! Even better purchase a netty bot that will clear your sinuses in 10 minutes, that one is a bit uncomfortable but one of our favorites.

Warm Towels

One great way to relieve sinus pressure is by applying moist, warm heat around your nose, cheeks, and eyes to help with the pain you may be feeling. This will help clear the nasal passages and get you feeling better!

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