4 Exercises You Can Do At Home This Coronavirus

Published on 03/17/2020

This pandemic is proving to be taking over the world one country at a time and severely halting our lives. However, we have to come together and create some kind of normalcy and routine so that we manage to overcome such a trying time. For many, the gym is always an escape, an environment where one can let off steam and take some time to focus on themselves. These exercises will bring the gym to you and allow you to focus on yourself and get those gains all in the comfort of your own home.

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4 Exercises You Can Do At Home This Coronavirus

Couch Deadlifts

Using your couch as some form of weight is really smart as they are often heavy as well as easy to lift from the lower structures. Thus, by simply moving it in whatever direction you may need and positioning your stance you can easily use it as a weight for your deadlifts. Add some people to the mix, for a little extra weight- if you are super strong that is. Just be careful your form is on point, we don’t want you pulling out your back or something.

Matt Work

Using a matt or even a couple of piled up towels is a great way to engage multiple exercises and muscles. You can do so many things, such as donkey-kicks, pilates moves, yoga and even lay flat on your back to improvise as a bench. Matt work is great for engaging glutes and other leg-work. The key is to do more repetitions as you can not necessarily increase weight and are in turn relying on your own body-weight and resistance.

Killer Cardio

Cardio can be a great de-stressor and is important in maintaining fitness levels. So, if you have a skipping rope at home or even any kind of rope, skipping is a great method. Additional exercises include jumping jacks, mountain climbers, jump-squats, leg-changes and many more. This will surely help you break a sweat and keep your fitness levels maintained.


We all love a good ab session and there is nothing like feeling the burn in that region. This luckily is the easiest to train in the comfort of your own home. Simply try changing up exercises, try a timing method over counting repetitions and you will have those abs of steel in no time. Just remember to engage that core and keep it tense.